National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

The state government through the Directorate of minorities has introduced the National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022. The Government of Karnataka’s main motive is to avail the scholarship to minority students who cannot afford their education. The government of Karnataka promotes and financially assists minority students in pursuing their higher education such as Master’s Degree, Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Courses, etc.. in prestigious foreign universities. National Overseas Scholarship is beneficial for meritorious and poor students as they cannot afford their higher education due to the high fee structure.

The Minority students who opt to pursue higher studies abroad in prestigious foreign universities after the completion of the degree courses are provided with the National Overseas Scholarship by the government of Karnataka at the rate of Rs 20 lakhs for the 2 years course only. The students will be selected based on their eligibility conditions prescribed by the department and by the authenticity of the documents. The implementation Procedure of the scheme will be totally transparent, there will be no such kind of officers from the department or agents or brokers or persons involved in its selection of candidates.

The main function of the department is to introduce schemes to promote accelerated socio-economic development of minorities and also to introduce educational concessions for the students. It also implements schemes for the development of children and women by providing training and employment opportunities. The Directorate works with the vision to enable all the minority community people to lead a productive life with equal opportunities in the fields of education, social economics, etc.

The District Minority welfare offices are established in all the 30 districts and these district officers are implementing the minority welfare schemes under the coordination and supervision of the chief executive officers of the Zilla panchayat of each district and the deputy commissioners.

Regulations Governing the schemes of National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

The following courses will be approved for undertaking studies under the scheme. No award will be granted to any candidate to undertake the subjects other than specified below

1Naval Architecture/offshore structure/Architecture in general
2Laser Technology
3Low-Temperature Thermal Dynamics 
4Paper Technology
5Art Restoration Technology
6Automation Robotics includes Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing Technology, and Mechatronics.
8Ceramic and Glass Technology
9Bio-Technology/Genetic Engineering
10Dock and Harbour Engineering 
11Aircraft/Space Engineering
12Composite Minerals Engineering Including Decentralised power, Distribution (For Solar heat) Systems, Energy Storage Engineering, Energy Conservation, Energy efficient habitat Engineering
13Nuclear Engineering
14Petroleum Technology
15Imaging System Technology
16Industrial Safety 
17Satellite or Remote Sensing
18Business Administration/Management studies
19M.Phill/Ph.D in any area of applied sciences, cultural, historical studies, and basic science.
21Graphic Engineering 
22Packaging Engineering/Technology
23Information Technology Including Computer Engineering, Software, Software Quality assurance, Networking/Connectivity Engineering, Communication System Under Hazadours or post-disaster conditions, and Multimedia communication.

Eligibility of National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

  • An applicant’s age limit must be a minimum of 38 Years.
  • An applicant’s family income should be less than 4 lakh annually.
  • An applicant will be awarded this scholarship only once. No more than one child of the same parent will be eligible for this Scholarship.
  • An applicant’s minimum qualification must be:
  • For Master Degree: 1st class or 60% marks or equivalent grade in relevant bachelor’s degree.
  • For Ph.D.: 1st class or 60% marks or equivalent grade in relevant master’s degree.
  • For Post Doctoral: 1st class or 60% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Master Degree/Ph.D.

Benefits of National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

A total allowance will be Rs 5 lakh Per Annum and a maximum of Rs 10 lakhs for the entire course will be awarded to the applicant. The amount also covers the airfare cost as it has been prescribed for all levels of courses under the schemes.

Other Mandatory Conditions of National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

  • The candidate should not change the course of study or research for which the scholarship has been sanctioned.
  • The decision of the government of Karnataka will be final in all such issues, as may come up during the course of time.
  • The performance of the candidate academically will be subjected to regular review of their performance to enable her or him to continue to avail of financial help.
  • The selected candidates can pursue their respective studies in accredited universities/Institutions in a country of their choice with which India has diplomatic relations. The candidates are required to make their own efforts in seeking admission to accredited universities/institutions in programs or fields specified in the schemes.
  • The Finally selected candidate shall obtain the required admissions prior to the application made to the government. The candidates are required to seek admissions and join accredited universities or institutions only.

How to Apply?

Candidates can follow the below steps to apply for National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

Step 01: Visit websites.
Step 02: Create an account by registering yourself in the portal.
Step 03: Read all the instructions carefully before applying.
Step 04: Fill out the application with the details asked.
Step 05: Upload all the documents mentioned below in a specified format.
Step 06: After uploading the documents do cross-check the documents.
Step 07: Submit the application.

Documents Required For National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

  1. An applicant needs to furnish certified copies of the fee receipt or tuition fees in respect of the admission and fees paid.
  2. An applicant needs to furnish Certified copies on completion of higher studies in the foreign university.
  3. An applicant needs to furnish the progress report of her/his performance issued by the concerned from time to time, by foreign institutions.
  4. An applicant proceeding to a foreign country for higher studies shall make available a copy of the air tickets issued by the concerned traveling agencies and on reaching the destination shall produce a copy of the boarding ticket issued to her/him.
  5. An applicant proceeding for higher studies in foreign counties needs to furnish a certified copy of the current passport and visa of the country of study.
The selected applicants Compulsorily need to complete the course and pass the prescribed examinations. The applicant is liable to remit back the financial assistance sanctioned by govt, in case of non-completion of the course/study.

Selection Criteria

The merit list will be prepared on the basis of the assessment of individual candidates by the selection committee. The last date of receiving applications will also be mentioned in the advertisement and all the applications received up to the last date will be notified in the advertisement and will be put before the screening committee. In case of tie-up of two or more applicants (obtaining the same percentage), the one who is eldest in age (as per the Date of Birth) will be placed above the other applicants. The scheme will be advertised in the newspaper by giving summarized information about the scheme.

Important Dates of National Overseas Scholarship For Minority Students 2022

Online Application Start date: 30-07-2022
Last date to submit online applications: 30-08-2022

Contact Information

Maulana Abul Kalam Aazad Bhavan,
No.16C, Millers Tank Bed Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru-560052
Helpline: 8277799990

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